How NativeAI Works

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How NativeAI Works

NativeAI - Under the Hood

Classify Content with NLP

Over 1 Million Audience Interests in Content

1 Million+ Audience Interests

Classification of topics & Tagging for content analytics

Advanced Topic Classification & Tagging

tag content with writers, publisher tags and topic categories

Automatically Tag Stories with Authors & Interests

audience interests in news
Science 2.1% Religion 2.5% Fashion & Beauty 2.7% World News 2.8% Good News 2.9% Health 2.9% Social Sciences 3.3% Tech 4.2% Celebrations 4.3% Sports 4.6% Design 4.9% Law & Crime 5.8% Society 6.2% Politics 6.7% Business 6.8% Media 6.8% Arts 8.6% Food 11.5% Entertainment 20.7% Lifestyle 22.1%

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Audience Interests

  • Uses NLP to detect Topics
  • Tags Topics with high engagement as Interests
  • Organizes data & stories in a Topic Hierarchy
  • Enables Audience Segmentation by Interests

Predict Audience Behavior

Understand your Audiences' Interests to improve your Audience Development efforts. Answer questions about triggers,intent to subscribe, paywall decision making, advertisement targeting, content recommendations and more using granular data.

Predicting Reader Behavior
  • Affinity - Which audience segment(s) will engage better with a given article

  • Loyalty - Which audience segment(s) are likely to upgrade to a paid subscription

  • Targeting - Which Location, Channel, Demographic & Audience Interest Segment filters maximize ROI for my Advertisers

  • Editorial - Which topics should I publish more articles about?

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Advanced Script for Real-time Analytics

  • All the metrics you need

    Traffic, Acquisition, Behavior,
    and Interest Segments
  • Asynchronous load

    Great tracking accuracy & lower
  • Simple & light tracking script

    Keeps your website blazing fast
Advanced Script for Real-time Analytics
Engagement today compared to typical Tuesday

Intuitive Analytics Dashboard

Manage all these with our highly intuitive Content Analytics Dashboard that features all the essential metrics that every digital publisher should use. The Dashboard can also be shared with all your teams including Editorial, Audience Development, Marketing & Data Analytics and offers the following features.

  • Understands content & Groups similar articles
  • Allows easy API access to enrich your DMPs
  • Maps Audience behavior to Grouped & Individual Interests
  • Allows you to deep dive and identify insights by Topic Affinities & Audience profiles
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