Product Update: Compare your Content or Topic mix with that of your peers!

What audience interests or topic categories do your competitors focus on the most? How does your mix of published articles compare to that of your closest competitors? Who published a story on any topic first? Do we have enough related stories on a given topic to keep our readers engaged?

All these are questions that you as a digital publisher or content creator grapple with, every day. At NativeAI, we have the perfect solution to answer these critical questions that can help you double-down your advantage and/or bridge the gap with your competitors.

We're excited to announce the launch of Peer Comparison tool on NativeAI Publisher Analytics. Here's a look at how it works:

compare content mix with competitor

Here's more on how NativeAI Peer Comparison works:

As you may know, NativeAI is built by the team behind News360, the personalized news reader app which indexes and distributes over 1000 top digital publications across the globe. Our state-of-the-art NLP engine, breaks down each of the stories that are published across all these news media websites and classifies them into Audience Interests or Topic Categories. 

What this means: NativeAI can identify and connect 10 different stories that primarily deal with a specific incident or topic (news section, person, event etc.), even though these stories may have been published across different news sources.

You can access this content mix for a select publisher and compare it with the stories you have published using the NativeAI Peer Comparison report.

Applications of Peer Comparison:

  • Nurture Reader loyalty by optimizing content mix for your target audience segments, by comparing against your closest competitors
  • Target new audience segments by identifying opportunities or Gaps in your news category mix
  • Monitor the efficiency of your tip to publish workflow by comparing publish times of related stories on other publishers

Below are some questions that you may have and our responses. If you do have more questions, please write to us through the Intercom chat on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Which publishers can I compare my website against?

Currently we have 5000+ top English-language global publications that you can compare against. Historical data is available

What attributes or metrics does NativeAI Peer Comparison report allow me to compare?

You can compare Audience Interests (news topics or categories), number of stories published in each category and the list of objects or topics that are unique to you or your competitor. Each Topic or Interest can further be drilled down several levels into sub-topics and related stories, as identified using our extensive taxonomy of over 1 Mn. audience interests.

You will also be able to compare a list of all stories published by both you and your competitor on a selected topic, for a selected date range. 

Please note: You will not be able to compare audience, traffic or engagement quality data as that data is private to each publisher.

I don't see a specific publisher that I want to compare my content mix with, how do I get it added?

Please write to us at support [at] native [dot] ai with details on the publisher(s) you would like to add for comparison and we will index the same.

How recent is the data on Peer Comparison? Is it real-time?

The data on Peer Comparison is updated automatically at least every 24 hours (on average, this data will be updated almost every hour, but the maximum possible lag is 24 hours). So lists of stories from your own publication will be updated real-time, but it may take up to 24 hours for competitor stories to be classified into audience interests.

How does NativeAI analyse the stories from other publishers? Is my analytics data also shared with other publishers?

NativeAI uses public news feeds that all leading publishers share to source stories, parses these through our custom Natural Language Processing engine to classify the stories with relevant topics and objects. Analytics data is private to each publisher and no data on traffic or audience behavior is shared with other publishers.

In addition to this new Peer Comparison feature, we have also made some usability enhancements to the NativeAI Opportunities report. 

Go ahead, login to your NativeAI dashboard to compare your story & topic mix with other publishers with our brand new feature that has made this easier than ever!

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Written by Karthik / July 31, 2018