4 Essential Features of the Best Content Intelligence Platforms for Publishers

By NativeAI / March 13, 2018

Online publishing is becoming more competitive by the day. Gone are the days when people were wondering "What is content analytics" - now the question is "How many analytics tools is too many and which one do I pick?".

Publishers need audience insights to drive engagement and maintain and grow their readership. This has created a demand for sophisticated solutions for content intelligence, like NativeAI. Website analytics tools are great at extracting data from the behavior of millions of users, but aren't tailored to deliver the insights publishers need. Publishers are in a race to extract actionable insights from all of that data, to publish the content that attracts and interests their audience.

The rise of content intelligence tech has resulted in a more sophisticated technology that can go beyond general analytics to help publishers decipher, decode, and extract actionable value from their user data.

There are many content intelligence solutions available for digital publishers, and each solution has its pros and cons. But, there are four must-have content intelligence features publishers shouldn’t try to live without.

4 Features of the Best Content Intelligence Platforms

Feature #1. Quality of Engagement Scoring

Publishers are familiar with engagement metrics, which are generally a series of several measures derived from web analytics tools. Some measure “engagement,” by page views, time engaged with a piece of content, audience crawl-rate to other on-site content, and social media shares.

However, each of these engagement metrics only reveals one part of a bigger picture, and they're not always correlated. Content that performs well on social media may have low page view times, compared to other content. Another piece of high-performing content may draw first-time visitors who may not become loyal readers.

NativeAI, for instance, features a single metric called Engagement Quality (EQ). It is a comprehensive measurement of engagement for each piece of content. This algorithmically-calculated metric takes many different factors into account, such as dwell time and scroll depth, and provides publishers with a single performance score that’s easy to follow and understand at a glance. Engagement quality can be scored from individual content pieces, to larger segments of content, to a site-wide engagement overview.

Engagement Quality

In addition to providing a single, baseline for engagement quality, leading content intelligence platforms should provide the ability for publishers to compare the engagement performance of their content across factors such as:

  • Engagement by content properties--text, text and video, interactive content & more
  • Engagement by topic
  • Engagement by audience segment, channel, or geography

With deep intelligence and the ability to compare EQ across content, topics, authors, and audience members, publishers can discover the patterns that drive the most engagement results.

Feature #2. Audience Interests Insights

Connecting interests to content topics and performance is virtually impossible to do manually. The best platforms automatically decipher interest categories, allowing real-time, nuanced analysis of audience interests.

Publishers are unlikely to find the value they need from a tool that doesn't include functionality for deep audience interest analysis. Some web analytics tools do classify your audience according to groups, usually derived from advertising targeting, like 'New Moms,' or 'Auto Enthusiasts.' However, to effectively measure content engagement, you need a lot more granularity and nuance in analyzing audience interests, which is why NativeAI recognizes more than a million distinct interests in your content. 

Effective interest analysis requires machine learning, similar to the graph-based semantic search algorithm of Facebook. While it's a complicated feat of engineering to build, publishers shouldn’t have a hard time using the tool.

The best intelligence features use machine learning and complex algorithms to determine user interests and to allow publishers to quickly click, drill-down, and answer questions such as:

  • Which interest categories drive engagement among loyal visitors?
  • Which interest categories are driving traffic from channels such as Twitter or Apple News?
  • What are some under-served interest opportunities that are trending among our audience?

The NativeAI platform features advanced algorithms that recognize more than one million distinct audience interests. Artificial intelligence creates interest graphs that map the behavior of individual users as well as entire audience segments.

Audience Interests Engagement

Feature #3. Real-Time Analysis

Online publishing moves quickly.

Content can go viral in a matter of minutes. Audience interests trends can crest and drop in a matter of hours. Publishers need to see the interests and stories that are delivering engagement right now, and quickly finding patterns. Spikes and drops in audience behavior compared to normal patterns are where the opportunities for winning engagement lie.

Real-time analytics dashboards and reporting is a necessity, but this isn't necessarily where the value in the leading content intelligence platforms comes from. There's some value in seeing that an article is trending, but it doesn't show publishers why it's resonating with audience members.

Real-time insights from content intelligence software should reveal patterns in the nuances, including information on more than just the article's title or author. With artificial intelligence, the best solutions help publishers understand what qualities of an article matter to the audience, and respond in real-time.

Real-Time Dashboard NativeAI

Feature #4. Author Analysis

Assigning the right work to your staff of authors, video editors, and digital content creators matters to engagement.

While publishers know the value of author analysis, it's not a simple science. Author performance, measured by audience engagement, can vary and at times it may appear there's no rhyme or reason to an author's content performance.

The best publishing intelligence platforms make it easy to understand complicated author engagement issues by easily segmenting data by the content creator. With the ability to compare engagement quality and other metrics by author, topic, and audience segment, publishers can easily understand who is over-performing and who isn't delivering engagement results, and why.

Author Engagment Quality

Unlock Audience Insights You Can Act On

Audience engagement is highly-complex, which is why even the most data-driven publishers can feel they're trying to capture insights on consumer behavior that's changing at the speed of light. Understanding what worked for your readers yesterday isn't necessarily going to drive results tomorrow.

To succeed against intense competition and the behavioral paralysis trend, publishers need content intelligence platforms built on cutting-edge analytics, machine learning, and AI. For instance NativeAI's NLP-powered engine can 'understand' your stories, tag & classify them and measure analytics by each tag as a dimension! 

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By understanding the most important features available in the best content intelligence platforms, you can simplify your search for solutions and avoid options that won't help you achieve real-time insights and winning engagement.

Native.AI is a leading content intelligence platform designed specifically for publishers and native advertisers, and the only solution to offer engagement quality as a feature. To learn more and demo the platform, click here.

Written by NativeAI / March 13, 2018