These 4 Content Metrics Reveal The Most Actionable Publisher Insights

By NativeAI / March 27, 2018

With the right analytics tool, there’s a vast amount of audience data available, and most publishers aren't utilizing that data to its full potential.

While too much data can easily lead to paralysis by analysis, publisher-focused analytics provides the strategic insights most publishers need to increase audience engagement. The most effective publishers drill down to the content metrics that matter most and focus solely on those metrics.

By closely monitoring and tracking the right data, publishers can make educated decisions that increase audience engagement and growth. These are the metrics publishers should monitor daily, and how they provide tremendous value.

In this article, we’re going to explore the four metrics every publisher should follow closely on a daily basis.

4 Essential Content Metrics for Actionable Publisher Insights

Real-Time Engagement Trends

By following engagement in real time, publishers can monitor the daily performance of their content. When publishers are looking at data day-by-day, they can find quick wins, or opportunities to boost daily engagement.

Publishers can utilize this information to quickly act on outlying trends.

For example, if politics and activism are interests of your readers, publisher analytics can provide context on time-sensitive topics or significant events that match those interests. With real-time engagement trends, publishers can identify these opportunities, and use them as inspiration. As a result, teams can quickly publish or produce content about it.


Audience Interests

The public’s interests are always changing. Publishers in today’s competitive digital landscape must keep a constant finger on the pulse of the shifting tides of their audiences' interests. These insights can also be used to inform content strategies.


Netflix is a great example of a company that leverages the massive amount of data on their global audience to make publishing decisions that require investments of into the millions of dollars. According to Amanda Lotz, Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Michigan, 

“Netflix's ability to gather viewing data from a global audience has enabled the service to recognize micro-genres and then patterns of viewer interest.”

As a result, Netflix can hit their diverse audiences simultaneously and separately with the content their subscribers want most. Publishers, although on a smaller scale, can use the same methods to develop, publish, and distribute content about their audience’s interests, to ensure the content produced is the content they are most-likely to engage with.

Content Opportunities

When publishers have insights into the interests of their audience, they can identify golden opportunities to increase audience engagement. If you can segment and measure your audience by their interests, and sub-categories within those interests, you can easily identify the topics that are covered exhaustively on your website, as well as topics that are not getting the attention they deserve.

Discovering these topics and interests can help publishers better serve their readers and grow their audiences.

Engagement Quality

Breaking down the quality of reader engagement quality is highly valuable for publishers. It’s far more valuable to know if a website visitor actually read and enjoyed the content on a page than it is to know that a reader spent so many seconds on a page. That’s the limitation of traditional website analytics - they don’t reveal anything about the quality of engagement with the reader.

NativeAI, for example, aggregates engagement metrics into a single, universal metric, Engagement Quality (EQ) that can be monitored to instantly understand the performance grades of topics, entire categories, down to the smallest segments of your audience. In the long-term, the quality of your content engagement is much more important than total visits.


Content Metrics Deliver Insights

In today's over-saturated, constantly growing world of content, publishers must be strategic and deliberate with their actions. Great content starts with great data and insights. The publishers who excel at developing the right content, and increasing the quality of their engagement, build up loyal communities of readers. If you're serious about growth, start looking at the metrics and information that will inspire better content.

As a result, traditional analytical dashboards aren't enough. You need content analytics that will help you build data-driven engagement strategies and make impactful changes in real-time. With Native.AI, you can start to build and evaluate your content in a way that fuels growth. To learn more about Native.AI and get a demo, click here.

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Written by NativeAI / March 27, 2018