Content Intelligence: The Secret to Publishing Content That Performs

By NativeAI / April 5, 2018

In 1961, Alfred A. Knopf published Julia Child's, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." We know it now as one of the most influential cookbooks of all time. However, in the 1960s, publishers had to measure performance by how well the book sold over a long time period.

The publishing world has come a long way since the 60’s.

Today, publishers create and distribute stories in print and digital mediums, across many different channels. Publishers can measure performance through sales, traffic, visits, downloads, and more.

Still, in spite of all the data publishers have at their fingertips, many neglect to measure and track the most important factor in the success of their content: the audience.

The Power of Audience and Content Intelligence

The 1960's were an important time for advertisers. That’s when innovative ad campaigns, such as Pepsi Cola's "Think Young," first came out.

The ad told a story of a younger generation wanting to speak out and make a difference. Advertisers were able to craft that story based on consumer research. Today, the advertising industry still conducts in-depth consumer research when developing ads.

Last year, digital publisher The Thrillist published an article called This $213 Train Ride Shows You All Of America's Best Sights. This single article received 3.8 Million Facebook likes, shares, and comments.


What was unique about this article compared to all the other articles they produce on a daily basis?

What are the patterns and characteristics publishers can pinpoint to help them repeat that performance? That art of cracking that code is called content intelligence.

What Is Content Intelligence?

Content intelligence is the art of deciphering content performance data to find actionable insights into what influenced that performance.

Rather than just tracking KPI's of individual articles or videos, content intelligence helps publishers understand why the piece was effective or ineffective. It helps you as publishers build a more nuanced, composite view of your audience and their behavior across multiple content pieces cutting across different subjects, formats and segments. Tracking engagement, audience interests, and the sentiment of readers can paint a more accurate picture of the stories that will perform exceptionally well for a given audience.

How to Get Deep Content Intelligence

The most effective way to gain content intelligence is with a robust publisher content analytics tool. Traditional web analytics won’t cut it. Valuable content intelligence means measuring both the content and the target audience.

At NativeAI, we developed an artificial intelligence engine and combined it with a robust analytics platform. Users of the NativeAI publisher analytics platform can track audience engagement based on many variables, such as story length, tone of voice, and format. The engine also filters every piece of content to pinpoint relevant interests in the story.

Cross-referencing the characteristics of every piece of content with the characteristics of the audience reveals not just the style and format of a high-performing article, but drills levels deeper, showing what about the characteristics had the most impact among which segments of the audience.

Content intelligence is more than content metrics - it’s insights into the heart of high-performing content.

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Incorporating Content Intelligence

Editorial teams can use a publisher analytics tool, like NativeAI, to conduct content intelligence and gain the insights to drastically improve content performance. Publishers can also use this data to develop stronger editorial calendars.

The characteristics of your content are one of the biggest indicators of whether or not they will be successful. In order to consistently create content with the right characteristics, publishers must invest in tools that provide insight into their audience as well. Together, these two areas of analytics reveal the most valuable information publishers can act on to consistently create content that drives the highest levels of audience engagement.

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Written by NativeAI / April 5, 2018