4 Reasons You Need Deeper Content Analytics (And How to Get It)

By NativeAI / March 22, 2018

For publishers competing for audience attention, traditional website analytics doesn’t cut it.

According to a RaptMedia report, 94% of content creators say that better content tech is the key to driving deeper engagement. While traditional website analytics deliver some value, it doesn’t provide the data publishers really need, like audience interests intelligence, to measure and improve engagement.

With the ever-increasing competition for attention on the internet, publishers are feeling the need for deeper analytics - analytics built specifically for publishers.

4 Reasons You Need Deeper Content Analytics

Traditional Web Analytics aren’t for Publishers

Traditional website analytics measure website page performance. For publishers, this can be a trainwreck of messy data, and an almost impossible task to get any insight into their content performance.

Since traditional website analytics are not content aware, which means there’s no easy way to get insightful data on authors or topics, and single stories published on different URLs will often get treated as separate pages altogether.

Proper publisher analytics are content-aware, measuring the effectiveness of the story, and how it engages the audience, and why it worked or didn’t work.

Traditional Analytics Can’t Understand Audience Engagement

Traditional website analytics can tell you that one story performed really well, basically measuring time spent on the page, and how many pageviews it received. But, you’ll be hard-pressed to understand why it performed, or how to duplicate that success.

Publisher analytics need more comprehensive data on audience engagement. Publishers need an easy way to track and understand the quality of your audience’s engagement with your story, and why that piece was engaging.

That’s why we developed the Engagement Quality (EQ) metric inside of NativeAI’s publisher analytics platform. EQ takes into account many different content engagement factors, and boils them down into a single metric. While it’s possible to delve deeper into engagement research within the platform, publishers can monitor one analytics metric and instantly understand the engagement of a story, a topic, or entire segments of their audience.

Traditional Analytics Can’t Provide Audience Insights

Traditional website analytics can’t track content performance based on the complex realities of an audience. You can’t, for example, segment your audience by their interests or track engagement for that segment. You can’t get a real feel for the types, topics, or formats of content that perform well for your Facebook audience compared to the type of content your Twitter audience prefers.

These kinds of insights make a huge difference not only in what you publish for your audience, but how and where you promote your content.

Web Analytics Doesn't Track Audience Interests

Knowing the type of content your audience wants requires a sophisticated tool. It's something traditional website analytics just cannot track. Knowing the interests of your audience is crucial to improving your content strategy.

For example, does your want content around politics? Are they interested in US Politics, World Politics, European Politics, or something else? If it’s US Politics, are they more interested in stories about Republicans or Democrats? If they are more interested in stories about Republicans, do they prefer critical pieces, or positive pieces?

That's why NativeAI developed an intelligent engine that identifies, analyzes and tracks over one million distinct audience interests. Publishers on the NativeAI platform can gain audiences interests from a high level, or drill all the way down to the smallest audience interests segments. This gives them the deepest possible look into their audience, and what content will drive the most engagement for that audience.

Audience Interest Analysis

Analytics That Connect The Dots

The behavior of your readers can never be completely predictable, but with the right tool, it can be effectively analyzed. Publishers who dig deeper into engagement metrics and properly assess their content performance can deliver the content their audience is seeking, and grow that audience.

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You don't have to make assumptions about the content your audience wants. Using a publisher analytics platform, like NativeAI, delivers actionable insights about your audience and your content.

In the day of increasing competition, publishers need an advantage they can’t get from traditional website analytics. To learn more about Native.AI and get a demo, click here.

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Written by NativeAI / March 22, 2018