Content Marketing All-Stars Q&A: Sameer Panjwani of Mondovo

By NativeAI / September 10, 2018


Search Engine Optimization is a big part of what initiated the Content Marketing boom. It began with the objective of getting backlinks and boosting page rank, but has since grown to find its place in every step of the digital user acquisition funnel. We at Content Marketing All Stars caught up with Sameer Panjwani, Founder and CEO of Mondovo, a leading name in the SEO industry to get his perspective on how he has seen this practice evolve.

Without further ado, here is our Q&A with Sameer:

Q: For our audience members who might not know, what does Mondovo do?
A: Mondovo is a digital marketing platform that helps our users research their competitors, track their site rankings, monitor the traffic coming to their websites and analyze their social media performance. While the name itself doesn’t allude to anything, our mission is to crack Google’s Algorithm to the benefit of our customers; helping their sites rank higher on the SERPs.

Mondovo was launched in 2014 and since then, we’ve had over 2500 webmasters and SEO agencies use the platform successfully.

Q: What is your background and what is your role at Mondovo?

A: Well, although I am what you would call an entrepreneur, I’m primarily a technologist at heart. Mondovo is the second digital platform that my company has created; the first being a Directory Submission service that, at its peak, was clocking in over a million dollars in revenue a year.

As is the case with most entrepreneurship stories, mine too has its fair share of failures. My first two ventures straight out of college in early 2000’s were also digital entities in the Real Estate space. In hindsight I realize that having limited knowledge in Real Estate and not being a Real Estate agent at heart, the project was doomed to fail - which it did in about 3 years.

From there though, I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, which is when I started my first venture; Directory Maximizer that I had mentioned earlier. Looking to capitalize on the growing SEO trend at the time was what drew me to start Mondovo and it’s what I love working on every day! I manage both, the development and marketing, aspects of Mondovo.

Q: Starting broadly, what role does digital content play for Mondovo? Why are you creating it?

A: I have always believed in the fact that content, be it digital or on a sheet of paper, helps a business develop long-term relationships. For Mondovo, we wanted to content to serve two main goals (a) develop and project the brand’s personality (b) aid the buyer’s journey and help drive revenue.

This approach towards content has paid rich dividends which is evident in the sheer amount of traffic we receive on a daily basis or the sales that happen daily.

Q: What sorts of pieces are you creating? And how is the content being created?

A: We create blog articles, infographics, FAQ’s, research studies, newsletters, downloadable assets, interviews, videos etc. We also encourage others within the digital marketing industry to contribute articles and graphics for our blog.

Some of the content is created in-house while some are guest posts by others.

Q: How do you measure the success of a piece of content? Which metrics do you pay close attention to?

A: Success of a content asset depends on the content itself and its purpose, not to mention the analytics metrics such as number of downloads, mentions, bounce rate, session time on the download page and so on.

Here are a few examples of content we got right:

  • We created an SEO Proposal template which has been downloaded more than 1000 times since we set it live. That’s a thousand leads from an asset that cost us next to nothing!
  • We also created a set of pages that were primarily intended for SEO and Traffic. A few of these pages even went viral and helped us land a collaboration with the Wired magazine!
  • We created an article on Google Chrome Extensions that has more than 7k shares and 50+ comments
  • Lastly, and most recently, a leading publication giant has approached us for using our content for their books

Q: Finally, do you have any personal favorite pieces of Mondovo content?

Well, these are some of my personal favorites - Restaurant Marketing Strategies & 9954 Visitors in Just 7 Days, because of how well they performed and in how successful we were in understanding the pulse of the audience and ensuring that we covered the required information in adequate detail.

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Written by NativeAI / September 10, 2018