Content Marketing All-Stars Q&A: Matt Hayes of Leesa

By NativeAI / December 19, 2017
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When Leesa launched, the e-commerce firm made a commitment to donate one mattress for every ten sold, to plant a tree for every order received, and to donate time and money to organizations that help people seeking refuge from homelessness, domestic risk, and human trafficking.

That altruistic underpinning – the company openly says it measures success as much by its impact on the world as by sales and profits – can be seen in everything that it does, including its digital content.

Recently we chatted with Matt Hayes, Head of Marketing for Leesa Sleep, to find out how firm tells the story of its social impact program, and to learn how it approaches content marketing in general.

Check out the full Q&A below:

Q: What is your professional background and role at Leesa?

A: I’m the Head of Marketing and a founding member at Leesa. Before Leesa I was a partner at BrandJourney, an innovation agency that helps big companies like General Mills, Nestle and P&G disrupt themselves with new business ideas.

Q: What role does digital content play for Leesa? Why are you creating it?

A: Digital content was at the heart of our go-to-market strategy for launch, and it remains a core part of the way we do our marketing.

Early on, we knew we needed evergreen content from trusted influencers to help validate our product and brand. So, we leveraged hundreds of influencers to try our product and talk about  it in an organic and authentic way.

A lot of our focus of late is using digital content, primarily video, to tell the story of our social impact program and highlight the stories of the lives that are being impacted with the donation of mattresses to homeless shelters nationwide. Having donated nearly 25,000 mattresses to shelters since our launch in 2015, this is a core differentiator for us in what is an increasingly-crowded bed-in-a-box category and it’s an important story to tell.

Q: We’re fans of the Sleep Talk blog pieces; can you talk a bit about what those are and how those pieces are created? 

A: Our Customer Experience team does a tremendous job of staying close to our customers and continuously learning about their pain points – from mattress buying to unboxing to ensuring the proper setup. The Sleep Talk pieces were created in response to learning of many of those pain points to help inform and quell pre-purchase concerns prospective buyers might have.

Q: How do you measure the success of a piece of content? Which metrics do you pay close attention to?

A: It depends on the content and its purpose. We are a direct response brand, so many of our digital assets are designed specifically with a strong call-to-action and offer to elicit purchase intent. With these, conversion rate and click-through rate are important measures. With our brand storytelling pieces, we look at engagement-oriented metrics like engagement rate, shares, comments, etc.

Q: Finally, do you have a favorite piece (or a few favorite pieces) of Leesa content? What showcases what you guys do well?

A: My favorite piece of Leesa content is our Social Impact Review

It’s a beautifully-designed print – and digital – piece that highlights the social impact work we’ve done over our first two years as a company. It is the best representation of who we are as a brand and why we’re a different kind of company.

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Written by NativeAI / December 19, 2017