Content Marketing All-Stars Q&A: Chandra Carson and Marie Bucklin of Lindt

By NativeAI / July 24, 2017
image Lindt

Lindt & Sprüngli’s content pieces – like its chocolates – are truly exceptional.

The renowned chocolatier consistently finds innovative ways to work with online influencers, develop digital media, and utilize social networks. All of this combines to create delicious experiences for its audiences and sweet returns on its marketing investment.

Recently we chatted with Chandra Carson, Social Media Manager for Lindt & Sprüngli (USA), and Marie Bucklin, Associate Social Media Manager for Lindt & Sprüngli (USA), to learn more about how the firm approaches its content strategy and creation.

Check out the full Q&A below:

Q: What roles do digital content and social media play for Lindt & Sprüngli? 

A: Everything our team does needs to ladder back to the overall marketing objective for Lindt Chocolate USA, which is to activate consumers to purchase and to ensure that they know ours is the highest quality, best tasting chocolate available.

Via our social media platforms, we try to accomplish this through exposure, education,
engagement, and encouragement:  exposing consumers to delicious recipes and delectable images of our chocolate, educating on the Lindt Difference and our sustainability practices, engaging on a regular basis by asking and answering questions, and encouraging purchase through special offers and sales.


Q: How does your use of major social channels vary?

A: We think about it in terms of time. Facebook, which we use largely as an advertising platform, is about the past. Its targeted ads often correlate with your past purchases or past actions.

Twitter and Instagram are about the present. That’s where we jump on trending hashtags and food holidays like National Chocolate Day.

Pinterest is about the future. It’s where people find recipes for the future, or look for ideas for upcoming events, like weddings and showers.

So, we approach our content and lay out our editorial calendar with that idea in mind. We try to tailor the pieces to the timing.

Q: In terms of actual content creation, what sorts of pieces are you developing?

A: We work regularly with content creators to develop several different categories of imagery.

Although we are a food brand, not all of our content centers around recipes.  As a premium  lifestyle brand, we often work with creatives to ideate themed tablescapes, home décor, gifting items and DIY projects.  Many of these content creators are also influencers themselves, which allows us to tap into new and diverse audiences with imagery that is relevant.

All of our content gets distributed across a range of platforms, including our website, blog, and social channels.

Q: How else are you working with influencers?

A: Each year we introduce a new Lindt Influencer Council. As a kick-off, we bring the group to our headquarters in New Hampshire and for two days, immerse them in all things Lindt Chocolate. They receive a private factory tour, meet with our CEO and Master Chocolatier, and embark on adventures which allow for us to share the nuances of each sub-brand.

The purpose of this immersion is that once they’ve gone through the process, we become
relatively hands-off in order to allow the influencers to highlight our products in their own voice and visual style.

We choose council members based on an authentic love of our brand, a representative voice
and aesthetic, and a focus area that makes sense for us.  One example is Courtney from Pizzazzerie.

She is a very influential party planning blogger and we began working with her after she used our Lindt GOLD BUNNY in an Easter tablescape.  It turned out that she was already a huge fan of our chocolate and her eye for detail and premium artistry made her a natural fit.  This is Courtney’s third year on the council and we still have so much fun brainstorming new post ideas with her!


Q: How do you measure the success of those influencer pieces? Which metrics do you look at? 

A: When we first started we looked more at traditional media metrics like reach and  impressions, CPM and CPE.  And while we still do that, we’ve also begun to focus more on qualitative metrics like engagement and purchase intent.

We want to see if the content is making a real connection with consumers; if our influencers’ followers are not only talking about how delicious a recipe is but also if they’re showing an intent to purchase. When there are comments like: “I love Lindt!  I’ve never tried this bar, but I want to now,” we consider that a win.

Q: We’re huge fans of the Unwrapped Blog: It’s beautiful content. How did it come about?

A: The blog launched about three years ago. The primary purpose was to have somewhere to drive people to that was Lindt-owned. It was great that we had our social media pages, but we wanted to make that connection back to our own site.

We launched Lindt Unwrapped as a hub for all our content. So, when German Chocolate Cake
Day comes around – that’s a real thing on June 11 – we have a place to house a recipe from
one of our Master Chocolatiers


It also provides a base for contests and promotions. For instance, on Valentine’s Day, we created a hub that highlighted various influencer content, as well as a giveaway. We drove consumers to the blog from social media (paid and organic), and then included links to our e-commerce product pages for easy purchase. 

Again, it all ties back to the dual purpose of creating entertaining content while also
driving sales.


Q: Do you have a favorite Lindt digital campaign? What showcases what you’re doing well?

A: This year, 2017, was the second year in a row that we were the Official Confectionery of the Golden Globe Awards show. It was a great opportunity to bring together a lot of what we’re doing on social and with influencers.

First, we hosted a special local influencer luncheon with Fiji Water (another Golden Globes sponsor) and their winery, Landmark Vineyards where we paired chocolate and wine with our Master Chocolatier and their Sommelier. This event alone sparked 3 million impressions and over 25,000 engagements.

We also worked with a celebrity partner, actress Shay Mitchell. She is a fan of our chocolate and has a HUGE Instagram following.  She attended one of our events and shared two social posts which had 37 million impressions and 1.2 million engagements.

Even some of our Lindt Influencer Council members came to Los Angeles to help us out. Because we trust them so much, we were able to have two of them actually run the #LindtGoldenGlobes Twitter party for us. They helped to engage in real time and steer the direction of the party. The Twitter Party alone secured 5.5 million impressions and 2,500 engagements.

It was really fun to see, all these influencers and all this content coming together around such
a big event.


Q: Final question, where do you see your content efforts heading over the next few years?

A: As traditional PR, social media, influencer relations and event marketing begin to merge, we see this as an opportunity for us to leverage all of our assets to create a consistent story online.

We are also beginning to explore how to utilize different levels of influence.  We are working  with a mix of mega-, macro-, and micro-influencers in order to reach different kinds of people in different ways. For instance, a mega-influencer might have great reach, but with a micro-influencer there might be a stronger brand message. So, it becomes about finding that balance of the right tactics to accomplish specific goals.

Written by NativeAI / July 24, 2017