Content Marketing All-Stars Q&A: Marc Einsele, Cadillac Magazine

By NativeAI / May 19, 2017

Sometimes brand content is stunningly beautiful.

Need proof? Simply check out Cadillac Magazine.

The print and mobile offering from the automaker
features gorgeous design, lush photography, and skillfully written text. It is
not just exceptional brand content, but exceptional content period.

Recently we chatted with Marc Einsele,
Editor-in-Chief of Cadillac Magazine,
to learn more about how the publication is produced and to find out where it is

Check out the full Q&A below:

Q: Starting broadly, what is Cadillac Magazine and why does Cadillac publish it?
What are the goals?

A: Cadillac Magazine is the official
publication of Cadillac. Dedicated to new owners and enthusiasts, the
magazine is a bi-annual, 100-page luxury lifestyle print magazine and digital app
with a circulation of 270,000+ in the US, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East.

content is devoted to tech, entrepreneurial, design, travel, food, fashion, and

Q: Why does the magazine exist? What are its goals?

A: The magazine is obviously
branded content, but it’s not advertising content. Our writers come from
consumer publishing.

want to inspire Cadillac’s readers to boldly embrace life’s journeys
through meaningful, authentic experiences. We want to celebrate the restless,
non-conventional spirits of people.

magazine demonstrates that the spirit of the Cadillac lifestyle is
not only complementary to, but also synonymous with, owning a Cadillac.
The content message urges readers to indulge their curiosity and celebrate
those who dare greatly. 

Q: One really
interesting thing about the magazine how you cover such a wide range of topics.

Absolutely. Our editorial is split, so on average in an issue 70% of the pieces
might be related to lifestyle and 30% directly to cars or Cadillac. That’s
something to unique to us; many of our competitors’ magazines are purely
automotive focused, whereas we explore luxury, specifically experiential
luxury, much more.

Q: How is Cadillac Magazine
content designed and created? What is the team like? Is it all done

begin our editorial lineup process by combining own ideas and pitches from a
group of freelance writers scattered around the world. 

then tighten the lineup, focusing on subject areas of reader interests and
filtering these through the brand values—the message of the lifestyle content
implicitly reinforces Cadillac brand attributes, even when the brand
itself is not mentioned. Finally, writing and photography assignments
are made, followed by editing and design, and a final presentation
to Cadillac. 

Q: How is the magazine distributed?

A: For print, the
magazine is a thank you to welcome buyers to the Cadillac family.
Each new Cadillac owner receives two print editions and then continues
their relationship with Cadillac Magazine
with our tablet

Q: What is your target audience?

A: Contemporary, modern
thinkers with an entrepreneurial mindset. As the brand becomes more global, the
magazine program will expand to embrace with their growth in the global

Q: How do you see the magazine evolving over the next few years?

A: As the brand continues
to evolve, increasing its advancements of through innovation, performance and
design advancements, the magazine will continue to embrace this compelling
driving experience.   

A: Do you have some favorite stories from the magazine?

A: In our current issue,
we have an exciting feature on the future of driverless cars, but approaching
this not from a vehicle-related topic, but from the various things that still
must happen to make driverless cars an everyday reality.  

favorite is our feature is on the Argentine chef, Francis Mallmann.

We flew
down to Argentina and Uruguay and spent three days with him eating and talking
about his approach to living an authentic and free life. He has made a conscious choice to live a
specific way of life in every aspect. He shows that if you’re going to do
something great with life you’ve got to do something bold, which fits perfectly
into how Cadillac has evolved as a luxury brand.

To tell
stories like that is why I took this job. That’s what’s great about Cadillac Magazine; we have the
opportunity to have journalists explore incredible stories around the world and
profile interesting people.  

About Marc Einsele:

After graduating from NYU,
Marc Einsele got his start in publishing. He’s worked for titles such as Martha
Stewart Living
, Time Out New York, and US Weekly magazine;
most recently, he was the editor in chief for two Brazilian titles: XOP and Dufry
. His love of travel has taken him around the world, but he calls NYC

Written by NativeAI / May 19, 2017