Content Marketing All-Stars Q&A: Penni Geller of CA Technologies

By NativeAI / January 19, 2017

If you want to see what high-quality thought leadership and
subject matter expertise look like, then make sure to check out CA Technologies’
digital content. 

The software firm’s online offerings, such as the exceptional Rewrite
posts it develops with WIRED, consistently inform and entertain its audiences. Moreover,
each piece challenges the reader to think about a topic in a fresh way.

Recently we chatted with Penni Geller, Senior Director of Digital Content Marketing, to understand how CA Technologies creates its
content, and to find out which trends in the space the company is watching

Check out the Q&A below:

Starting broadly, what is the difference good content and bad content?

A: Good content starts with the reader. You want to tell
a story that is going to be interesting, that is going to make a connection,
and that is going to provide some value for the reader. 

Whether it inspires, it educates, it
informs, or it entertains, there has to be value for the audience with any
story you create, any video you produce, any infographic you develop. 

It also has to be something of value for your
brand.  It has to somehow connect to what you do and why you do it. Is it
helping to drive awareness?  Is it improving the perception of your
company?  Is it driving people to take an action? Is it improving customer
loyalty? It’s necessary to ask those questions before creating any piece
of content.


Q: We
love the
Rewrite™ content; it’s engaging, smart, and well produced. How did it
come about? What are the primary goals of that section?

A:  The primary goal of Rewrite is to make new
people aware of CA Technologies and to introduce people to what CA has to offer. 

We look to connect with people who may not
necessarily know much about us, but who want to stay on top of the latest
technologies and what companies are doing to succeed in the application economy.

Rewrite was designed to bring new audiences
in and we’re succeeding. Around 95% of the people who visit Rewrite have never
been to any CA digital property before. And when people come to Rewrite and, they are seven times more likely to engage with us.  

We want those people to get to know us and
come back again and again. From Rewrite we want them to continue on to where they can learn how we can help with their business goals and help
them better relate with their customers.


How is your content structured and created?

A:  We’ve got a three-tier content strategy.

The first level tackles trending topics such
as virtual reality, the Internet of Things, and cyber security. For that
we partner with WIRED, who helps us develop the pieces. We meet with them
quarterly and outline the content strategy and themes connected to what we do
as a company, and then each month they pitch us stories, videos, infographics,
etcetera. We work with them hand-in-hand from brainstorming, to editing, to

The next level of content is more subject
matter expert pieces. These are aimed at enterprises across the globe. For this
type content we have external experts who we work with and who are highly
knowledgeable in certain areas. We also have a lot of really smart people
across CA Technologies who contribute. We want to balance the inside and
outside perspectives.

The third tier of content is more tactical
and technical. It’s: “10 Ways to Accomplish the Best API Management,” or “How
to Be Agile in 7 Easy Steps”; that sort of thing. It’s more instructional in

How do you build an audience for that content? How do you make sure it connects
with the right people?

A: That’s the secret sauce.

You can’t just build content and hope people
will come; you have to build a promotional strategy as well. For every piece of
content we have a social plan, which includes organic and amplification. We
also do external promotion and earned media.  We mix paid, earned, owned,
and social to drive people to our content.

Q: Do
you have a few favorite pieces of Rewrite content that you’re especially proud

A: In November WIRED did a great issue around
Frontiers, which was guest edited
by President Obama, and along with that, they did a set of videos.

Our editorial director for Rewrite, Denise
Dubie, used that content as a starting point to create a great series of
stories around forward-thinking technologies such as virtual reality and augmented
reality. The pieces have been performing really well since we launched them. 

Each of these is timely, relatable, well written, and connect to what CA is working on:

Obama: Cybersecurity Demands “Healthy Systems” Cure

President, Sci-Fi, and the Real Future of AI

Government Tech into the 21st Century

and Jobs: Which Skills Are at Risk?


Final question, are there any content marketing trends that you’re watching
closely right now?

A: I know the new shiny objects are VR and AR for
marketing experiences, but I’m not sure they’re quite ready for primetime
yet. The creation of those types of content may be getting easier, but the
distribution of it is still challenging. If you don’t have a proper
distribution approach in place, all that great content will just sit on the
shelf.  So, it’s coming, but it’s not there yet. 

For us, we’re really thinking a lot about
interactive content; pieces where people have an active role in engaging and inputting.
That could mean anything from including a survey with real-time results, to
asking someone to take action to reveal the rest of a story or visual experience.
We want to engage people in an active, rather than passive way.

Written by NativeAI / January 19, 2017