Content Marketing Win: Ben & Jerry’s What’s New

By NativeAI / October 3, 2016

Today’s big content win is the What’s New site from Ben & Jerry’s.

We love the offering from the ice cream company because it shows that a corporate blog doesn’t have to be boring.

The site, like the company itself, is a great mix of culture, politics, and wacky weirdness. 

There are quizzes (Which Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Are You?); company announcements (Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium Team Up on a New Beer), behind-the-scenes peeks (12 Secrets From Ben & Jerry’s Scoopers); news stories (The Montreal Protocol: 29 Years of First Aid for the Ozone Layer!), and just pieces of pure, delicious fun (This Is Your Brain On Ben & Jerry’s).

Check out the blog here.

Written by NativeAI / October 3, 2016