Content Marketing Win: Roche Stories

By NativeAI / September 22, 2016

Today’s big content marketing win is the excellent Roche stories.

We are fans of these pieces from the healthcare company because they show that it is possible to present difficult, technical ideas in an engaging way.

For example, take a recent article published on the site: “Mesothelioma: What could possibly link this rare cancer to the ill-fated Titanic?

By framing the topic (mesothelioma) as a question about a cultural touchstone (the Titanic), the authors are able to immediately draw the audience in. From there the piece presents an excellent overview of the disease using text and graphics, then rewards the reader with a quick answer to the Titanic teaser (hint: it’s all about asbestos). It’s a great way to both educate and entertain. 

Check out all the stories here and the mesothelioma piece here.

Written by NativeAI / September 22, 2016