Content Win: The Zocdoc Blog

By NativeAI / September 9, 2016

Today’s big content marketing win is the Zocdoc blog.

We like the offering from the online medical care scheduling service because it tackles difficult topics in a highly engaging way. 

The core appeal of the blog is that it address medical issues without using either incomprehensible jargon or dumbed-down science. Rather, the pieces smartly find a middle-ground that feels both well-informed and relatable. 

Recent posts include: “Multivitamins: Myths Vs. Facts”; “Why Do We Get Side Stitches From Running?” and “What Happens To Your Brain When You Read?” Each of these is exactly the sort of question that every person has asked themselves and wanted to an expert to answer (or at least we have). 

Check out the full blog here

Written by NativeAI / September 9, 2016