Content Win: From L’Oreal

By NativeAI / August 15, 2016

Today’s big content win is from L’Oreal.

We’re big fans of the site because it does an excellent job of showcasing the company’s products while also truly helping its audience. 

The pieces range from the basics (How to Make Foundation Look Like Skin) to the quirky (What Does Your Makeup Say About Your Personality?) to the timely (This Week in Beauty). 

Many of the articles are accompanied by well-produced videos that clearly showcase the techniques described.

We especially love the site’s writing style, which is engaging and breezy. This recent opening line to an article sums up the tone well: 

“Relationships are colorful, to say the least.They can be messy or tidy, dysfunctional or thriving, turbulent or consistent. The one relationship that should never fail, however, is the one between you and makeup.”

Amen to that. 

Check out the full site here and a few examples of’s videos below.

Written by NativeAI / August 15, 2016