Content Win: Enterprise’s Inspiration on the Open Road

By NativeAI / July 29, 2016

Content marketers constantly hear that their pieces should “tell a story” – but what does that actually mean? 

If you want to see the idea in action – if you want to see a brand truly diving into great narratives – then make sure head over to Enterprise’s website and check out its Inspiration on the Open Road.

These pieces from the car rental giant are so powerful because they follow the rules of good storytelling: they convey big ideas through small devices (how one old hat explains the allure of antiquing); spark the imagination (the creepiest, most beautiful ghost town you’ll ever see); deal with human issues (what it’s like getting hitched in Sin City); and have a narrative arc (driving the Blue Ride Parkway with a week to kill).

Each piece is is beautifully written, accompanied by great photography, and – most importantly –  feels like it is being told by someone who is passionate about the story.

Check out Inspiration on the Open Road here.

Written by NativeAI / July 29, 2016