Content Win: Zenefits’ Blog

By NativeAI / July 20, 2016

Looking for an example of a company blog that’s truly useful? Then make sure to check out the Zenefits site.

The blog from the human resources platform stands out because it addresses many common concerns people and businesses have with HR/benefits. 

We’re especially big fans of the Ask Bud column, in which Bud Bowlin, a benefits expert, tackles things like: What Is COBRA?; How Do I Figure Out Which Prescription Plans Are Covered by My Health Insurance?; and What’s the Average Employer Benefit Contribution?

These may not sound like the sexiest topics, but they’re the sort of nitty-gritty questions that so many people struggle to get answered. It’s content with a purpose – which is exactly what every brand should strive to create.

Check out the Zenefits Blog here.

Written by NativeAI / July 20, 2016