Content Win: Slack’s Blog

By NativeAI / July 15, 2016

Today’s big content win is Slack’s blog.

We love the offering from the team collaboration tool because it perfectly mixes product information and other pieces of interest to the company’s audience. 

Some posts are purely related to Slack itself, such as “An easier way to get help using Slack” and “Getting things done with Reminders”; others are about broader topics such as how to create a company voice, tips for overcoming public speaking fears, and ideas for working through Ramadan.

What unites all of this is a common theme: being better at work. Every single piece on the blog either teaches readers use the Slack product more effectively or helps them be happier, more productive workers. It’s a simple, clear unifying idea that fits the company’s mission perfectly.

Check out the blog here.

Written by NativeAI / July 15, 2016