Content Win: Truth Well Brewed From McCann New York

By NativeAI / May 4, 2016

Today’s big content win is the Truth Well Brewed site from McCann New York.

We love the offering from the advertising giant because it’s about two simple things: corporate culture and beer. Seriously. 

As the site puts it:

“Truth Well Brewed is a McCann New York program that embodies the agency’s connective tissue: beer. We brew beers to celebrate our people, our heritage, and our clients, but don’t stop there. Truth Well Brewed represents what beer stands for: a cultural fabric for social events and initiatives. It’s junior led, senior management supported, and celebrated by all who call themselves McCann.”

The site delivers on this promise. It features information about the office (profiles of members of the McCann New York teamfacts about the space; etc.) and information about beer

It’s an authentic, and super smart, way to showcase what McCann New York is all about. 

Check out the full site here.

Written by NativeAI / May 4, 2016