Content Marketing All-Stars Q&A: Kathy Hickey of Comcast Business

By NativeAI / March 21, 2016

Creating B2B technology-related content is
one of the hardest marketing challenges. The pieces need to cover the topics in
a knowledgeable way, yet not get bogged down in arcane details. Moreover, they
also need to hook audiences with valuable insights and good stories.

So what’s a marketer to do? An excellent
place to look to for inspiration is Comcast Business. This division of the media and
telecommunications giant consistently produces high-quality content that both
informs and engages. These offerings include everything from short blog posts
to in-depth infographics, whitepapers, and YouTube videos.

Recently we sat down with Kathy Hickey, Executive
Director of Marketing at Comcast Business, to find out how the organization
tackles content and what it has learned from its experiences. Check it out:

Q: What role does content play
Comcast Business?

A:  Content gives us an
opportunity to educate our customers about technology trends and how to compare
and contrast different technologies. It also gives the chance to pass
along our knowledge. 

Customers want to do business with companies that they
trust and that they believe are knowledgeable.  So our content allows us
to present ourselves as thought leaders in our areas of expertise.  

Q: How are you creating
content? Is it all done in-house? 

A:  We believe in getting
content everywhere.  

The team is all external, with the exception of
me.  We work with an agency which manages our content and our social media;
it happens to be the same agency that also manages our PR, so it all flows
nicely together. 

We source content through a number of different channels,
including freelancers and agencies. We also do a lot with various publishers,
partners, and influencers. 

Q: We really like the Comcast Business Community. How did it come about?

A:  When were having our first
virtual Tech Week, we realized we didn’t have a destination to send people to,
and to post content to. We had to partner with a LinkedIn group,
which led to lots of viewers but not followers for our own brand.  So we
decided that it was definitely worth having a destination and a content hub of
our own.


Q: How do you build an audience
for your content?

A: Well, the biggest thing is
that you’ve got to have compelling content that people want to read. 

Beyond that, we use social media – particularly LinkedIn
and Twitter.  We also use amplification and social influencers to build
our following. 

We strive to incorporate community elements into our content hub,
so that if someone comes from social media they look at more than just one
article; we want them to really engage and have an opportunity to get additional
information about the topic that they’re reading about. 


Q: How do you judge success?
Which metrics do you look at?

A:  We look at clicks and
views, but we also look at time on site, as well as how long people
spend reading an article, scroll depth, etc. 

We want to make sure that people are engaging with our
content, rather than just clicking on it by accident, especially on mobile.  

We really dig down to understand what’s happening with our content so that we
can replicate the good stuff and eliminate the bad. 

Q: Do you have a favorite piece
of content that you’ve created over the past few years?

A:  If had to say one piece, it is this video that we did
and as well as the accompanying whitepaper

Both show how the
technologies that we have are helping to transform racing.  We simply let them
tell their own stories in their own words, and speak about the impact our
technology is having. 


Q:  Final question for you: Any learnings from your experiences with content? Any advice for other brands?

A: The biggest thing is that content is everywhere.

If you broaden you aperture of what you think of as
content, you can find it in all kinds of places and you don’t always have to
pay for it.  

So, just open your eyes a little and look around; talk to
your partners and your influencers.  There are a lot of people out
there who are creating content and who would love for you to promote it for

We have a lot of content on our site and that’s because we’re
really creative with how we get it. 

Written by NativeAI / March 21, 2016