Social Media Win: Procter & Gamble on LinkedIn

By NativeAI / March 11, 2016

Looking for inspiration on how to use LinkedIn as an engagement channel for your business? Then check out Procter & Gamble’s presence on the social network.

The CPG giant uses LinkedIn in many of the expected ways – to make corporate announcements, to share jobs, and to distribute good press – but it also posts a range of other content as well. 

For example, P&G shared the Thomas Edison quote above as part of a quick #MotivationMonday message (1,800+ likes). It also posted leadership lessons from a long-time employee (1,300+ likes) and insights from a veteran working at the company (600+ likes). 

Each of these pieces is truly engaging, and each also serves to keep P&G top-of-mind for partners and job seekers.

Check out a a few example posts below, and the full social presence here.

Written by NativeAI / March 11, 2016