Content Win: Citi Postcards

By NativeAI / March 9, 2016

Today’s big content win is the series of Postcard posts that Citigroup has been running on its blog.

The articles feature insights on different places around the world from Citi Country Officers (CCOs), who are the people responsible for executing the company’s overall strategy at the local level. 

Each piece features basic facts about the country, the CCO’s tips on what to do/eat/drink, and a Q&A explaining what life is like living there. 

The content is engaging, and it is a good reminder for all brands that every staff has a wealth of expertise that can be tapped to create content.

Check out a few examples of the Postcards below, and the full blog here.

Postcard from Ecuador

Postcard from Qatar

Written by NativeAI / March 9, 2016