Audience Insights Resource for Publishers: NativeAI From News360

By NativeAI / February 25, 2016
Nativeai audience interests artificial intelligence analytics

Are you a publisher looking to better understand your audiences? Then make sure to check out the new NativeAI Publisher Analytics platform.

If you are asking the question "What is content analytics" or tying to assess whether you need publisher analytics, you may want to read this first.

The offering is a free audience analytics suite for digital publishers from News360 (which, full disclosure, is the mothership of Content Marketing All-Stars). The technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze millions of real world interests and build active audience profiles to help publishers present more contextually relevant media experiences. 

In other words, it helps you figure out what your visitors really like and then get more of that sort of stuff to them.

“Understanding your audience as a publisher is more of an art than a science today,” says Roman Karachinsky, CEO of News360. “In an age of increased ad blocking and evolving publisher business models, publishers need more than Google Analytics to truly decode audience behavior, interest and experience.”

NativeAI was built from the ground up to help publishers. That means its insights on content interests and consumption are truly useful for honing your editorial strategy and increasing new audience acquisition/retention.

To learn more check out the handy-dandy video explainer below, and try NativeAI for free!

Written by NativeAI / February 25, 2016