Content Marketing Win: The BlackRock Blog

By NativeAI / January 22, 2016

With all the recent stock market volitility there’s been a never-ending series of experts chiming in online, on-air, and in print with their thoughts. The problem is that much of the information being shared is based on personal opinion rather than sober analysis.

So what’s an investor to do? How can an individual figure out how to deal with their portfolio (and whether to panic)?

One option is to check out the excellent BlackRock blog. The offering from the asset management company is chock-full of excellent pieces that provide easily accessible, but also nuanced, overviews of investment topics. Recent areas covered include: Why to keep investing in equities; Index funds explained; and How to get comfortable with investing.

Check out the full site here.

Written by NativeAI / January 22, 2016

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