Content Win: The Vanguard Blog

By NativeAI / January 19, 2016

Here’s one of the strange quirks of corporate blog posts: these very high-profile, customer-facing pieces are often published by some of the lowest-ranking, least-visible employees.

This, of course, makes sense; most business leaders don’t have the time (or inclination) to dive into writing posts. Still, the absence of these powerful voices often makes corporate blogs feel like an afterthought.

That, luckily, is not the case with the Vanguard Blog. The financial services giant regularly publishes pieces written by top executives, including its CEO and head of public relations. The best part is that these leaders use the opportunity share meaningful advice, such as how to tackle investing in 2016, based on their wealth of experience.

Check it out here.

Written by NativeAI / January 19, 2016