Content Win: Deloitte’s CFO Lens

By NativeAI / January 7, 2016

Want to see an example of a brand that truly gets its audience? Then check out Deloitte’s new CFO Lens.

According to the company, the offering “delivers easily digestible, CFO-centric information to your mobile device or computer—anytime, anywhere.” 

Basically, CFO Lens is an app that curates content of interest to finance leaders. It presents the pieces in a way that can be easily skimmed, and adjusts the feed based on the user’s country.

What makes CFO Lens such a win is that it showcases Deloitte’s deep understanding of its target market. Executives are often pressed for time and on the go, which makes it difficult for them to find and read relevant content. By creating a tool that condenses this information, and that can be accessed on any device, Deloitte truly makes the lives of harried CFOs a bit easier. 

Learn more about CFO Lens here.

Written by NativeAI / January 7, 2016