Content 101: Creating Engaging Content

By NativeAI / November 30, 2015

How can brands create content that consistently attracts and holds the attention of large audiences?

There’s no magic formula, but most highly-engaging content tends to have these qualities in common:

It is authentic and entertaining/informative, not promotional

Example: The Whole Foods blog doesn’t try to push products on its readers; rather it focuses on simply providing fresh, health-conscious recipes.

It covers topics which the company is viewed as having expertise in

Example: The “Sit or Squat” campaign from Charmin, which helps people find a clean public bathroom nearby, is right on brand.

It sparks some sort of human emotion, such as curiosity, delight, or dismay

Example: HubSpot does an excellent job on its blog of piquing curiosity without feeling like a tabloid.

It feels relatable, either by being highly topical or relevant to day-to-day life

Example: Home Depot manages to consistently create content that is both timely and informative.

It creates value by giving the reader actionable advice/tips/ideas that they can use

Example: Through its network of brokers, Charles Schwab knows the sorts of financial questions Americans tend to ask; via pieces like this it tackles them clearly online.

It is written/filmed professionally, and copy-edited to catch any mistakes

Example: We’re not going to embarrass any particular brands with this one … for now. ;)

Written by NativeAI / November 30, 2015