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Content Win: Chase’s “Mission Main Street Grants” Videos

By NativeAI / November 2, 2015

Today’s content win is a series of YouTube videos created by Chase to highlight the winners of this year’s Mission Main Street Grants.

The annual program awards $100,000 to 20 small businesses that have been chosen by a panel of judges. This year’s recipients range in business-type – from a candy store to a service that connects local fishermen to local consumers – but all have interesting, inspiring stories behind them.

To showcase these stories, Chase has created a series of engaging, beautifully shot videos that feature both the entrepreneurs and their small businesses. It’s a smart, well-executed way to bring some attention to both the winners and the program itself.

Check out a few examples below, and the full playlist of current and past winners here.



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Written by NativeAI / November 2, 2015

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