Content Win: Chase’s Gas Spending Analysis

By NativeAI / October 9, 2015

Today’s content win is not a sexy social campaign or a funny viral video. Instead, it’s a very serious research report from Chase: How Falling Gas Prices Fuel the Consumer.

What makes the piece exceptional are two things: 1) It’s a great example of how a brand can turn its Big Data into unique content; and 2) the topic choice is highly relevant to the news, which means the research has been shared widely (including in this piece in The Wall Street Journal).

The report, which examines how much consumers are saving with lower gas prices and what they’re doing with that money, is based on an analysis of the anonymized spending data of 57 million Chase card holders.

Among other things, the researchers found that the decline in gas prices since 2014 has saved the average American household $700. The analysis also found that people are spending 80% of this extra money rather than saving it.

Check out the full report here.

Written by NativeAI / October 9, 2015