Content Win: Prudential’s Bring Your Challenges

By NativeAI / June 15, 2015

Often consumers hear from financial services companies that they’re not doing the right things – that they’re not saving enough, that they’re spending too much, that they’re too impulsive, etc.

These messages are important, but they are also often incomplete. What is usually missing is any sort of explanation of why these issues exist and what can be done about them.

Prudential’s Bring Your Challenges content aims to fill this gap. The beautifully designed microsite and related social posts explore common financial “behaviors that are getting in the way of planning for [your] financial future.”

The content is both interesting and informative, incorporating quizzes, videos, expert opinions, infographics, calculators, and much more. Most importantly, it seeks to talk intelligently about these behaviors rather than just scold.

Some of the challenges covered are:

I might live how long?

I’ll do it later

It won’t happen to me

I just can’t resist

I want it now

Check out the full site here.

Written by NativeAI / June 15, 2015