Content Insight: The Most Powerful Social Network for Local Businesses

By NativeAI / June 1, 2015

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of consumers believe Facebook is the most important social media platform where they expect to see a local business. Meanwhile, only 3% chose Twitter, followed by LinkedIn (2%) and Instagram (under 1%).

The data comes from a recent survey conducted by G/O Digital of 1,066 U.S. adults, aged 18-65 years old,
who use social media.

According to the poll, the top three types of content on a local business’ Facebook page that are most likely to motivate a consumer to shop in-store are: promotions/coupons (60%), testimonials/success stories (13%), and photos/videos (6%).

Check out the full report for more insights.

Written by NativeAI / June 1, 2015