Content Win: Priceline’s #KnowaGuy on Social Media

By NativeAI / May 14, 2015

It really helps to know a guy.

That’s the conceit behind one of Priceline’s major brand messages in 2015.

The Super Bowl ad below kicked off the campaign, with spokesman William Shatner highlighting how the Priceline negotiator tool is essentially like knowing the right guy:


Since the Super Bowl the campaign has moved to social and really hit its stride. Priceline has used the #KnowaGuy hashtag as an opportunity to smartly interact directly with consumers – answering their questions and highlighting their stories. The most brilliant element has been the real-life (Shatner-themed) presents the brand has sent to select fans.

Check out the full set of #KnowaGuy tweets here and a few of our favorites below.




Written by NativeAI / May 14, 2015