Content Win: Boeing’s YouTube Channel

By NativeAI / March 26, 2015

One of the myths about YouTube is that you can only do well with cute, adventurous, or funny content.

There are indeed a plenty of kitten, parkour, and prank videos with millions of views, but there is also wealth of pieces about other topics published by both independent creators and brands that connect with big audiences.

A prime example of this is Boeing’s YouTube channel, which has found success with excellent science, technology, business, and engineering videos.

Some of the channel’s pieces are openly promotional (such as the ads), but most seek to educate and entertain. A few examples include compelling stories about innovation, inside looks at how the company develops products, and glimpses into life on the International Space Station.

Many of the videos have hundreds of thousands of views, and a few are well into the millions. Check out some of the top performers below:

Written by NativeAI / March 26, 2015