Content Win: Levi’s Photos and Videos on Social Media

By NativeAI / March 23, 2015

Sometimes the multimedia elements accompanying social media posts by brands can feel a bit like afterthoughts–with generic stock images and videos simply attached to the (more important) text.

That is not the case with Levi’s social content, which aims to truly connect with consumers visually.

A good example is this recent tweet about cut-off shorts from the apparel maker:

The image in the tweet is successful because it’s not superfluous–it’s actually helpful. The photo serves a real purpose by beginning to tell the story of how to make cut-off shorts. The link in the tweet then leads to a YouTube video, which explains the process in-depth.

The video, like the image, is both an ad for product and a valuable piece for anyone interested in cutting up their own jeans. Ultimately, the elements are both visually appealing and useful, which is what makes them a true win.

Check out the video:

Written by NativeAI / March 23, 2015