Content Win: Pepsi’s SXSW Artists to Watch

By NativeAI / March 18, 2015

The various parts of SXSW in Austin–interactive, movies, and music–have all become pretty awe-inspiring over the past few years in terms of the breadth and depth of offerings.

While having so many options is exciting, it can also make the experience overwhelming. There’s just so much to do and see that figuring out what to tackle can feel daunting.

To help sort through all these choices, Pepsi has smartly pulled together a set of eight artists to watch at the music portion of the festival. As the piece notes, these aren’t the “biggest or the most well-known” names, they’re the ones “who are doing something different and exciting.”

The content is impressive for two reasons. First, it’s a well-curated list of artists that’s presented nicely (there’s a single, easy-to-consume music video accompanying each name).

Second, it’s well-timed. Rather than trying to stand out from the flood of content that’ll appear during the music festival, Pepsi has provided something truly useful ahead of time when there’s time to appreciate it.

Check out the full Artists to Watch feature here.

Written by NativeAI / March 18, 2015