Content Win: Williams-Sonoma’s Recipe of the Day

By NativeAI / March 17, 2015

Williams-Sonoma, the high-end kitchen and home retailer, includes a simple tagline on all its digital properties: “Inspiring cooks everywhere since 1956.”

This mission is the common thread that runs through all of the company’s digital content, from its blog to its tweets and newsletter.

Perhaps the clearest, and most effective, expression of this goal–to truly inspire cooks–can be found in the Recipe of the Day content.

There are, of course, many daily recipe providers, but what sets Williams-Sonoma apart is the quality of its dishes. Each recipe is both accessible and thought-provoking, and is accompanied by clear instructions as well as lush photography.

A good example is today’s St. Patrick’s Day recipe for corned beef and cabbage:


Beyond the quality of the content, what makes the undertaking interesting is the way it’s distributed. Williams-Sonoma makes the recipes available on its blog, but also goes one step further with a dedicated mobile app.

The app provides a month’s worth of recipes for free, then allows for monthly or annual subscriptions to get additional daily content.

With a beautiful interface and some nifty bells-and-whistles (such as a built in cooking timer), the app shows that mobile content can truly go beyond web pieces when done right. Check it out here.

Written by NativeAI / March 17, 2015