Content Win: Home Depot's Twitter Visuals

By NativeAI / March 11, 2015

According to research conducted by Twitter last year, a photo tweets receive 35% more retweets compared with text-only tweets.

In other words, being highly-visual with your Twitter presence can have a huge payoff, increasing engagement by more than a third.

However, there’s a catch (of course): More and more users are including photos in their tweets, so to connect with an audience you need to pick images that are both striking and relevant. Moreover, it helps if your entire Twitter presence has a consistent visual look that people come to associate with your brand.

So, how do you do all that? For inspiration, take a look at Home Depot’s very smart, very visual, Twitter account: @HomeDepot.

It all begins with the profile page, which is bold and heavily uses the company’s signature orange. This visual branding goes beyond just the header; it also includes the link color, button colors, and avatar image.

The company’s tweets themselves are a mix of original content and curated pieces. The key is that most contain photos and that nearly all of these images have a similar bright, professional look to them.

Check out these recent tweets below to see what we mean:

Written by NativeAI / March 11, 2015