Content Win: FexEx + Safe Kids Worldwide

By NativeAI / March 10, 2015

“The single biggest fear of any [FedEx] courier, as I have been, is driving through a neighborhood and having a youngster run out in front of your truck; it’s the worst fear.”

That quote comes from Dave Bronczek, the President and CEO of FedEx Express, and it explains why the company has invested so much time time and money in trying to improve pedestrian road safety.

Through a 15 year-long partnership with Safe Kids Worldwide, FedEx has reached more than 10 million children in 11 countries. The multifaceted program seeks to improve road safety by improving infrastructure to make walking safer around schools; providing safety education to kids, their family members, and community members; and advocating for better laws around school zones.

The initiative is clearly deeply important to the company. Over 18,100 FedEx employees have volunteered their time to improve road safety, and the company has been a key driver behind International Walk to School Day, which raises community and global awareness about walking safety each October.

While content creation is by no means the primary goal of the program, a number of insightful and compelling pieces have emerged from it, including a series first-person accounts from FedEx volunteers.

To learn more about the partnership, check out the video below (or visit this page):


Written by NativeAI / March 10, 2015