Content Win: #HyattAllIn

By NativeAI / March 3, 2015

Sometimes social media seems so complicated. There is a seemingly endless number of ways brands can engage consumers via the various networks, and finding an effective tactic can feel daunting.

Given that, it’s good to remind ourselves that success is often a result of simplicity. An example of this is the recent #HyattAllIn campaign, which has connected with consumers in large part because of its easily-understood premise.

To get the word out on a pair of new all-inclusive resorts, Hyatt created a YouTube video, then told people they could win a trip to the locations if they shared the piece on social media. To enter, consumers just have to use the hashtags #HyattAllIn and #HZEntry in their posts. That’s pretty much it.

The video has some additional elements – there’s a lucky photo booth involved – but at its core this is a super-simple sweepstakes powered by social media. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. The clear rules and small time investment mean people can engage easily, and they have; the YouTube short already has more than a million views.

Check it out the video below:

Written by NativeAI / March 3, 2015