Content Win: Honda's Brilliant Speed Reading Challenge

By NativeAI / February 25, 2015

How fast of a reader are you? Honda has created a fun little test to help find out.

The car company’s new Keep Up YouTube video tests your speed reading skills by starting with a word appearing on screen, then another, then another, with each one arriving more quickly. By the end of the video the text is flying by and you’re concentrating pretty hard. But that’s not the end of it, if you are still keeping up there’s a second video (Faster) and a third (Even Faster).

It’s an absolutely brilliant campaign. Why? First, the “Keep Up” theme is directly linked to relevant brand messaging (the video description explains how Honda’s products all about “challenging” and “pushing [people] to improve.”).

Second, the actual experience of reading the words–all of which are basically strung together marketing copy–forces the viewer to truly pay attention to the messaging.

Third, the experience is simple and engaging. Like an irresistible Buzzfeed quiz, the Honda video succeeds because it appeals to our curiosity and competitiveness without asking for too much of a commitment.

Curious now to see how your reading skills stack up? Take the test:

Written by NativeAI / February 25, 2015