Content Win: BlackRock’s Saving Tips

By NativeAI / February 23, 2015

Encouraging people to spend money is pretty easy–you just need to show the amazing products they can get by purchasing; but how do you encourage saving?

Getting consumers to put money away for a future day is always going to be a tough sell, but recently BlackRock has been showing that it is in fact possible to create engaging savings-related content.

The company’s Saving Tips website section includes much of what you’d expect (for example, well-written pieces on why saving early matters and how to invest based on your age group), but also some interesting things you wouldn’t.

For example, the infographic below makes the abstract idea of inflation much more real by showing what a beer and burger cost in 1964, 2014, and (projected) 2064. It’s a smart and sobering reminder of why saving is so important.

The piece is perfect for America Saves Week, a non-profit effort going on now that encourages consumers to reduce debt and put away money for the future.

Check it out:

Written by NativeAI / February 23, 2015