Content Win: Ford's Racy Speed Dating Video

By NativeAI / February 18, 2015

Guy meets pretty girl at a coffee shop. Boy talks to girl and brags about his adventurous spirit. Girl giggles. Boy gets in girl’s car and is patronizing about her manual shifting skills. Girl takes boy to a parking lot, puts her foot on the gas, and drives fast and hard. Very fast. Very hard. Boy screams, swears, and looks terrified. Girl smiles and says: “I’m a professional stunt driver.”

That’s the brilliant premise behind Mustang Speed Dating (#MustangSpeedDating), a very funny new prank video from Ford. The piece features a number of real-life guys who were unwittingly set up on first dates with Prestin Persson, a seemingly unassuming woman who is actually a stunt driver.

The video was released earlier this month and already has nearly 10 million YouTube views. Check it out:


Written by NativeAI / February 18, 2015