Content Win: Juniper's #NetworkHumor

By NativeAI / February 5, 2015

Be who you are.

That little piece of childhood advice is often forgotten by brands, many of which try on social media to appear to be what they are not–usually cooler, younger, and sexier.

Juniper Networks has not fallen into this trap. The networking equipment and solutions provider has found success online by unabashedly sticking to it’s  IT roots. In particular, its tweets using the #NetworkHumor hashtag are nerdtacularly brilliant. 

The average consumer may not see the humor of many of the pieces, but that’s kind of the point. These little quips are meant to connect with a select audience, and much of their appeal lies in the specificity. 

Here are a few recent examples:

The routine. #NetworkHumor

It’s kinda an A & B thing. #NetworkHumor

That’ll slow things down! #NetworkHumor

Written by NativeAI / February 5, 2015