Content Win: Ebay Style Stories

By NativeAI / February 2, 2015


Ebay has it all, which is both a curse and a blessing for the company.

Given the awe-inspiring diversity of the platform—everything from Rolls Royce cars to stuffed Llamas are listed for sale—it can feel overwhelming to find items you like. This is particularly true for fashion pieces, which other sites tend to present in minimalist, curated collections rather than long product pages.

To help sort through the clutter, and to reinforce the idea of Ebay as a fashion retailer, the company recently launched the Style Stories blog. The site is made up of a collection of tips (“Salon Style Manicures at Home”), trendspotting (“NYC: The Colorful Coat”), and even fashionista-friendly recipes (“DIY Gluten Free Brioche”).

Check it out:

Written by NativeAI / February 2, 2015