Content Toolkit: Get Quick Product Feedback With UserTesting

By NativeAI / January 27, 2015


When creating new content and products marketers often skip one of the most essential steps in the development process: getting feedback from people outside their organization.

Why? Usually because getting a good user testing panel together is time-consuming and expensive.

UserTesting, our content marketing tool of the week, makes this process significantly easier.

The platform lets you put any web page or mobile app in front of consumers, who use special software to video record their reactions to products as they use them. Participants are part of UserTesting’s 1 million+ person panel of remote paid testers, so are familiar with how to share their thoughts clearly while filming. Respondents can be filtered by various demographic criteria (age, income, location, gender, etc.), and can be assigned specific questions to answer or tasks to complete during the test.


The videos are collected on the UserTesting platform, and the site’s tools make it simple for you to annotate and edit the clips, as well as to export them out.

Here’s a video of the product in action:


How much does it cost? UserTesting has two pricing tiers: Basic, which simply costs $49 per feedback video; and Pro, which varies in price based on company size and includes additional features such as highlight reels and summaries of key findings.


Written by NativeAI / January 27, 2015