Content Win: Buzzfeed's Brilliant 'Dear Kitten' Super Bowl Ad

By NativeAI / January 23, 2015


Is it possible to create a piece of marketing content so engaging that it doesn’t feel like an ad?

Yes, if you’re Buzzfeed. The site’s new TV spot, ‘Dear Kitten: Regarding the Big Game’, features an older cat explaining the very strange world of human Super Bowl behavior to a kitten. The 60-second ad, created for Friskies, is set to run in a few local markets during the game, and has already been posted to YouTube.

The piece, which is voiced Ze Frank, online viral guru and president of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, is so funny, cute, and sly that you forget while watching that it’s promoting a brand.

Think that’s an overstatement? See for yourself:


Written by NativeAI / January 23, 2015

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