Content Marketing Toolkit: ContentGems Simplifies Discovery

By NativeAI / January 21, 2015

Content, content, everywhere. With this neverending flood to deal with, how can you find pieces about the topics you’re interested in?

Our resource of the week, ContentGems, makes things much easier.

The platform has two main components, discovery and sharing, each of which can be quite helpful for content marketers.


The discovery tools scans 20,000+ online sources for keywords you select. The process is pretty straightforward, but also allows for a number of filtering options. You also have the ability to add custom sources, RSS feeds, and social streams such as Twitter.


The results can be emailed to you and also viewed within the platform.



The sharing functions allow you to take content pieces you discover and distribute them easily via blogs, social networks, and RSS feeds.



The basic tool, which allows you to set-up two interests with 50 keywords each, is free. There are also a number of paid options, which give you access to more interests, updates, and sharing options.


Written by NativeAI / January 21, 2015