Content Win: Disney’s Terrific Tweets

By NativeAI / January 16, 2015


Sometimes to succeed in the new world of digital you have to go old school.

That seems to be the secret to success for Disney’s Twitter account (@Disney), which has recently been garnering excellent engagement on its tweets by going back to to the company’s roots: illustrations and short video clips.

The key is that these classic bits of animation are accompanied by very clever text, such as little jokes and well-chosen snippets of lyrics/dialogue. Basically, Disney has found a way to turn its huge library into a meme factory.

The most successful of these tweets seem to resonate because they smartly manage to feel both very current and also tap into the deep nostalgia for Disney characters. Check out some of these recent wins:

When your alarm clock goes off and you can’t reach the snooze.

— Disney (@Disney)
January 15, 2015

When you’re trying to eat more veggies.

— Disney (@Disney)
January 13, 2015

When it’s laundry day and there’s nothing else to wear.

— Disney (@Disney)
January 10, 2015

“I am not a prize to be won!” #Aladdin

— Disney (@Disney)
January 7, 2015

Chase your dreams, no matter how rocky the path.

— Disney (@Disney)
December 26, 2014

Written by NativeAI / January 16, 2015