Content Win: @UnderArmour Helps You Stay Healthy

By NativeAI / January 14, 2015

What makes content curation successful? Usefulness.

At its essence, good curation comes down to acting as a filter; it’s about helping your audience discover new, interesting content that’s relevant to their interests.

Under Armour’s Twitter account (@UnderArmour; 424k followers) is a great example of this sort of useful content curation. The athletic clothing and accessories manufacturer features plenty of brand-building posts—photos of shoes, athletes, and inspirational quotes—but it also often highlights utilitarian content as well.

These pieces—such as recipes and work-out tips—aren’t necissarily directly related to the products, but they reinforce the importance of health and exercise. They’re also truly useful, which helps in the long-run to build brand affinity.

Here are a couple examples of recent tweets from the company’s account:



Written by NativeAI / January 14, 2015