Content Marketing Toolkit: Makes Creating Infographics Easy

By NativeAI / January 13, 2015

Everyone loves infographics. When done right, they present complex ideas in an easy-to-consume format and are perfect for mobile, time-crunched audiences.

The problem is that they can be a pain to create. A truly engaging infographic often takes a serious investment of time and energy—especially on the design front.

Thankfully, a number of companies have focused over the past few years on making the production process much simpler. One of the best examples of these is infogram, a web-based tool that lets you quickly create good-looking, well-structured infographics.

The program’s easy-to-use interface gives marketers a wide-range of templates for charts, graphs, and full infographics, including options for maps and unconventional visualizations.


Data can be inputted using a spreadsheet tool, and there’s plenty of customization options for the look and feel.


The free version of the tool allows for the creation of online infographics that are mobile-friendly/responsive and can incorporate interactive elements such as YouTube videos.


The paid plans allow users to save the infographics in various formats, incorporate real-time data, and white-label the pieces (the free version includes some infogram branding as well as preset share buttons).


The paid plans also give subscribers team features, allowing for collaboration on projects and access to past infographics created by organizations.


Overall, the entire infographic workflow is greatly simplified by infogram, allowing you to focus on telling the right story rather than on the production process.

Written by NativeAI / January 13, 2015